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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

So Excited!


I received my copy of this book the other day.  This is a great book – full of tips, tricks, and ideas . . . but the book alone is not what has me excited.

I’m in the book! 


See me in the upper right?  OK, no.  Not ME, of course, but my design.  Well, it’s only one design – out of probably a hundred.  And there’s a grand total of one sentence telling about my design.  So, maybe not that exciting after all.

Nevertheless, it’s something.  I’m actually listed as a “designer.”  And the best thing of all? (Well, other than getting a copy of this great book and resource tool, that is.)

They spelled my name right!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Designing Quilts

I finally finished my second EQ on-line class at Quilt University.  These classes have helped me so much.  If nothing else, they have raised my appreciation for those who design quilts - with or without EQ!


The focus for this class was on layouts, but we also learned about some really nifty tools for using color. 


It's really interesting how you can take a simple block and make something completely new by using color!


One thing I really am interested in is custom layouts.  I'm seeing a lot of designers doing things like this Farm Fresh quilt by Fran Gonzalez.


Now, the question is . . . do I actually make some of these quilts, or should I stick to virtual quilts?  To be determined.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

October TIF

Take It Further Challenge number ten!  This one is about where you create art.  Sharon's quote:

This month the challenge is to  think about your textile work space. How do you feel about this space? What role does it play in your life?

She suggested that we take this opportunity to share pictures of our workspace.  Since mine didn't look too messy that day, I took photos right away!  If you don't think this is very neat - you ought to see it on an average day! 

  PA040006 PA040007

This room has pretty much become the center of my life.  I spend a lot of time in here, plus there are things here to represent the important things in my life.  Reminders of my family and friends are all around me.  Especially Sarge.  He has worked wonders in a cement floored basement - added lots of light, hauled furniture up and down, built shelves and tables, stacked and re-stacked books, even painted some of the pipes magenta - a color he hates!  He knows how to make me happy!

And that is what this month's theme is about.  My workspace makes me happy!  On a "blue" day I can just sit in the middle of all my "Stuff" and feel better.  On a good day, there is music and off-key singing going on!  (Good times for Sarge to work outdoors!)  So I decided to make a piece that includes bits and pieces of Things I Love.

October TIFOne thing I really love is color!  All sorts of color!  I have a few favorites, but there really is not a single color that I don't like.  So, that meant they all have to be in this piece!  I started with rainbow solids and then selected additional fabrics that illustrate some of my favorite things - or, in some cases, a fabric that I just really like. 

I used scraps of the same fabrics, cut into "snippets", to create a collage for the center piece.  And lots of free motion stitching - using my Bernina Stitch Regulator, of course!  Once the blades and centerpiece were assembled, I used gold thread to do some machine embroidery. 

Then I hauled out my beads and charms and selected things that represent my favorite things.  Things like Music and Art and Cats and Dogs and Dolls. 

PA240012Things like Creating and Masquerades and Piggies!

PA240017  Things like my Sewing Machine and Chocolate and other Sweets!!

Oh, I really had fun with this one!  I just let my emotions take over.  If the Principles of Composition were living beings, they would all have headaches now! 

There you have it.  Don't forget to leave me a comment - and go here to enter the Blogiversay Giveaway!  This is post number 95 - counting down to 100!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Testing . . .and Doll 2

I've already blogged today, but I am testing out a new tool.  Windows Live Writer.  Let's see how this works . . .

In the previous post I mentioned I've been working on two dolls lately.  The second doll is for the Hoffman Challenge.  Many of you know what that is, because I have been seeing a lot of posts on other blogs. 

I think my creation is going well so far.  It just took a really long time to get something going!  My creative Muse is pretty hard to work with sometimes.  We might both agree on an idea or concept, but then we will get signals crossed on just how to realize that idea!  It's a problem!  But it is a problem that I am now beginning to understand.  I've joined some discussions on Stitchin' Fingers about design principles and where ideas come from.  And I am now taking a class from SharonB called Studio Journals, which is helping me see what my Muse needs from me in the first place.  There's always Hope!

So, as for the Hoffman Challenge:  This doll doesn't have a name yet - and she's still in multiple pieces - so all I have to show are some fragment shots.  "Teasers" if you will.

closeup teaser

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sumptuous Finishes

Well, I have finally finished AND framed both of my embroidery pieces from the Sumptuous Surfaces class I took last month. I've shown you parts of the colored piece before, but not the whole picture. This was inspired by a photograph of three types of flowers (see the bottom of this post for a portion). I initially tried to use realistic shapes, but the flowers are unknown to me and the photo was actually a scanning of a pile of these flowers. Impossible to see individual shapes! So I winged it!

I love the colors and that is what drew me to the original in the first place. So I mostly played with the colors. The shapes sort of follow the flower shapes, but I wanted a pleasing arrangement and shapes to show off the beads and stitching. I toyed with the idea of placing more yellow or brown at the bottom of the piece, but everything I auditioned looked like too much. In the end, I decided it needs some blank space to balance the heavy stitching. Rather, I framed it so the heaviest stitching is just below center which looked better than right at the bottom.

This is the framed monochromatic piece. I blogged about it earlier and I feel very pleased with the way this looks stretched and framed. Right now it is sitting on my dresser and I believe it is a good spot for it.

I really had a good time with this class and learned a ton of good things about embroidery and design. SharonB - of the TIF Challenge "fame" - was the instructor and she was a great teacher. Thank you Sharon!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A New Toy - er, Tool

My brother found this little time waster. It's called Burning Sand by Max Nagl. It's a computer program you can find here and it mimics falling sand. You place globs and shapes of color and when you activate it, the sand disperses. Here is one of my first efforts (OK, the first one I wanted to save!). There are several different tools and the "sand" behaves differently. I haven't figured out all the details yet. Goodness - I might have to read the manual! Anyway, in the second picture I rotated it so the gray pile on the bottom started falling the other way, and look at the interesting pattern that made.

I'm thinking I can use this for generating designs or at least to jumpstart my creative ideas. For example, I really like that little gray area, kind of like a waterfall. I'm pretty sure I can use that in an applique or embroidery piece. Oh joy - another thing for my ToDo list!