Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Not-Monthly Report

It’s past time for an update on my crafty doings, so here is what I’ve been up to in July into August.


I have another finish! 


This was a Block of the Month from Julia Wood at The Hexie Blog last year.  I actually had all the blocks finished shortly after the New Year.  And it didn’t take me very long to put them together.  But then I decided to add the tiny hexie flowers at the block intersections, and that took longer.  A LOT longer!  I’m not sure why – when I decided to get busy and just finish it already!, it was done in one afternoon.  Isn’t that the way it goes sometimes?

Speaking of Blocks of the Month, this is the one I am doing this year.



This one is called Seasonal Silhouettes by Edyta Sitar, and my local quilt shop is providing the kits.  I am actually up-to-date on this one since it started in April.  Hopefully it won’t take me eight months to finish it after the twelfth block is done!

Art Journal Emporium


One of this month’s projects was a Glue Book.  This is just one of the pages I did.  Basically, it involves gathering pictures and papers together and glueing them down in a pleasing collage.  Not as focused as a regular collage because there is really no “message”, but not totally random either.  I have a small box that bits and pieces from other projects get tossed into.  For the Glue Book, I grabbed a few of them at random and then layered, tore, punched, and generally played until I liked what I had.  There will probably be more of these pages in my next – ahem – monthly review.

Digital Scrapping

Yeah, this is what takes most of my time.  A perfect match-up of my artistic side and my nerdy-ness!  Anyway, here is just a sampling:

B20-happy-babychallenge3-bob margaretchallenge6-summerDare414--RushmoreG21-Collins-womenI23-veggies-thumbnailshakespeareWeekend-door

There you have it – July in a few words and pictures.  Not so many pictures, actually.  I need to take them more often.  I’m pretty sure I did more than make a couple of quilts and play in PhotoShop.

On the other hand, maybe that IS all I did last month!