Monday, June 29, 2009

Fuschia and her sister


Meet Fuschia.  Okay, not a very original name . . . I was tired that day! 


And her sister, April-May.  April-May was made for a swap on Stitchin' Fingers and her name comes from the theme for the swap. 


It all started with these lids.  You see, Mom has developed the habit of having one of these delicacies as a bedtime snack.  I guess when you are 88 you no longer need to worry about fat and cholesterol!  But that's beside the point!  The point is that she started saving these lids for me because she knew I could think of something to do with them!  Er, OK Mom.


So, many months later - after some head banging and experimenting - I actually did make something with them!  Since I already had several polymer and paper clay heads in the stash, I just selected a couple of them and went from there.  The lids are easily punched with an awl and it's mostly play after that.

What else can we do with these lids?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Block of Month

I'm so proud of myself!  I am actually up to date on this project!  Woohoo!!  Since I am the original Queen of Procrastination this is a big deal for me.  Ah . . . maybe I should be embarrassed to admit that.  Hunh!  Not a secret to my family and friends!

But that's enough about me (more than you wanted to know anyway), so let's take a look at these cuties.







Don't ask why the backgrounds look different . . . they are the same cloth, with pictures taken at the same time and place.  Good grief!

If you did not see January, February and March, go here to check them out.  If you would like to play along, go here.  New pattern comes out next week.  Man, I'm on a roll!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday WOW June 24


I spent today at the LQS, so this is not really my worktable.  LQS hosts Stitching Therapy on Wednesdays, where you can stitch and visit, get help from fellow stitchers or a local expert, and buy fabric of course! 


I only got four blocks done today, but since the first one took as long as the next three I'm pleased with the progress.  Plus I got a yummy lunch - summer salad with apple slices, strawberries, almonds, chicken, and feta cheese.   MMMMM!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Goal Review

Here we go again!  This is the fourth review for this year - and we are half way through!  Whoopee!  One thing this process has taught me (if nothing else!) is that time is a very slippery concept.  How can some days move so slowly, yet the weeks and months just fly by? 

Having grouched about time moving too fast, I must say I think I did fairly well this period.  Let's see how it looks in detail.

P5230023 1.  Make pieces for Friendship Puzzle.    Done.  I got my pieces completed and sent out on time.  I have since received the swap pieces in return and I blogged about them here.

2.  Make significant  progress on previewHoffman Challenge doll.  Good! (It depends on your definition of "significant" I guess!)  I have finished tweaking and adjusting the muslin copy and I'm ready to start on the real thing.  (This is not the final head, but it may wind up elsewhere someday!)  Hopefully that process won't take as long.



may-june 3.  Complete Stitchin' Fingers swaps for May and June (3 so far).   Done.  All three swaps went out on time.  I've even made a head start on the July swaps.  These are fun exercises and the ones I receive have been wonderful!

4.  Complete TIF pages and bind into a book.  In progress.  Well, not as much progress as I'd like!  I am still working on the embroidery for the last "page."  It's getting there, but probably time to make a push for the finish.


another 5.  Finish two In-progress dolls - one of which is wire skirted.  Done!  Just today, in fact!  I will be posting about these two soon.  They are both non-traditional styles.  Downright different in fact!  I hope you'll find them interesting at least.


6.  Stitch top for Scrappy Stars quilt.  Not Done/Done.  Is closeup anyone confused?  Actually, I switched out this quilt top for the Stack and Whack, which is a finished top awaiting the quilter.  So I am counting it as an accomplished goal.  It's my blog and I can make the rules!

So, I'm counting four dones and two with adequate progress.  That's an improvement.  I'll take all I can get!  Let's see what I can do with the next list.

  1. Finish the Hoffman Challenge - top priority.
  2. Complete TIF and bind into a book.
  3. Stitch top for Scrappy Stars (or possibly another?).
  4. Finish a UFO doll I call Carmen.
  5. Start another QOV quilt top.
  6. Complete the last lesson in Creative Box Making.

Come back on July 31 to see how I'm doing.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday WOW June 17

Ugh!  What a messy workspace!  P6170012 Still trying to get the right head for the Hoffman doll.  Time is running out!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pieces of Friendship


My puzzle swap pieces arrived this week!  Well, almost all of them, anyway.  Pat is still working on several of hers, so I got an IOU.  Once that one arrives, I will stitch the pieces together as a wall hanging.  But you can see what this will look like, can't you?

Each of these pieces is different - and each piece is so beautiful!  I don't have very good pictures yet, but I will show you what I have and you can go to the Pieces of Friendship blog or to the individual stitcher's blog to see better pictures. 

Beginning Top Row Left:  First there is my piece.  I've posted about it, so you can see a close-up here.


Cindy from Minnesota.  Her blog is Cindy's Stitches in Time.


Wendy in Singapore.  Her blog is Umi & Tsuru.

Second Row:


Elizabeth in Virginia.  Her blog is called Elizabeth Creates.


Freda from Illinois calls her blog Sew Whats New.  That gold blur is the cutest little teapot (what an awful photo!).


Cathy in Utah.  Her blog is Crazy By Design.

Bottom Row:


Grace in Indiana.  She calls her blog Grace Beading.

Pat's IOU is next.  The little blue flower charm came from Wendy.


Last (and certainly NOT least!) is Maggie from Canada.  Her blog is Magpie's Collectables.

This was an amazing idea for a swap, so I am sending many thanks to Pat for hosting it.  And thank you to all the talented ladies who stitched and beaded in the name of friendship. 

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kansas Prairie Shop Hop




Yesterday I boarded a bus bright and early for a day trip of fabric shopping!  The 2009 Kansas Prairie Shop Hop.


Last year was the first time I had ever taken a trip like that and I had a great time.  So, of course I needed to go again this year!  Auntie P6130009couldn't go so I went by myself.  I have been meeting a lot of the local quilters  lately and figured I would surely know someone else on the bus.  And I did!  And met some new people as well. 

We all had a good time and there was lots of laughter on the bus.  I can't tell you about the whole day - it would be too much for a blog.  Besides, the first rule of shop hopping is "What happens on the bus stays on the bus!" 


Each year there are block patterns available based on the theme for that year.  This year was stars.  Each of the eleven shops make a quilt using those blocks and each designs a different layout.   All of the quilts were amazing, but I think this one is my favorite.  If I were to make this quilt (which I probably won't) this is probably the layout I would use.

goodybags   Each shop provided a goodie bag to shoppers that included the block pattern as well as a quilter's button and miscellaneous goodies.  See that little pile of candy on the left?  It started out much bigger.  LOL!


This is what the buttons look like.  If you visited all of the shops, you would have eleven buttons and several shops had a quilted clock made up of these buttons.  Cute idea!  Did I think to take a picture?  Of course not!


This is part of what I brought home with me.  These are the stash builders.  Things I knew I was going to need and actually had on my list.  I need yellows and oranges in my stash and a couple of neutrals since that pile gets used frequently.  The fat quarters are for a polka dot swap.


And there were other fat quarters, of course.  Sometimes they fill a hole in the stash, and sometimes they just need to go home with you.  I can never resist new fat quarters!


And then, there is this group.  Have you ever been in a store when you heard a wee, small voice saying "Buy me, buy me!"?  No?  Ahem, never mind that, then.  I've learned on past shopping trips that if you see something you really, really like you should go ahead and buy it right then.  Thinking that you will get it the next time you are in <insert city name that you never visit again> is something you will live to regret!  I have no idea what these fabrics will become part of, but I will enjoy looking at them for awhile.  And one day an idea will come along that is perfect for these!


One stop seems to be a requirement for all bus trips . . . Russell Stover!  I think the buses are all programmed to turn off at the appropriate exit regardless of final destination!  Hmmm. Yum!

In fact, I think I need to go sample one of those chocolates right now!  I'll be back later with more fun stuff.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Awake All Night

The quilt top is finished!  I still need to choose fabric for the backing.  Then I will begin looking for a quilter.  I think this calls for an experienced hand.

cropptI'm not sure about binding.  I think I have enough of the original flower print.  Or should I go for a solid color?  What do you think?  If solid, what color?


It appears that this top has passed the official UAPI (United Association of Pug Inspectors) inspection!  A few minutes after this picture, he had it on the floor being gathered up for a bed!



I used the trimmed triangles to make some pinwheel blocks.  They are small and there are 13 of them.  That will take some thinking to come up with a plan for them. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday WOW June 10

P6100004She has arms and a name!  Natalie.  But, I should be working on the Hoffman Challenge.  My muse is being difficult!

As a bonus - this is what is on the design wall:


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Quilt Progress

P6030004Thought you would like to see how the Stack 'n Whack quilt is coming along.  I have sewed border sections and am starting to assemble rows.  If I can keep up this pace, I'll have a finished top before long!

I took my blocks to the local quilt shop so I could use their design wall floor to lay them out and make some arrangement decisions.   This photo makes it look kind of nice, doesn't it?  Now, imagine all the colors are about 5 steps more intense!  Definitely not a snoozer!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday W.O.W.

Seems the current trend among bloggers is a weekly theme post of some kind.  I've seen Wordless Wednesday, Where I Stand Sunday, and Freebie Friday - to name just a few.

Last week, Sharon B. decided to post a Work In Progress Wednesday as a way to maintain momentum on various projects.  By committing to posting a weekly photo, she hopes to keep her creative projects moving forward and inspire good habits, creatively speaking.   And she has invited her readers/followers to join her in this adventure.

I've taken classes from Sharon and followed some of her internet challenges and I think she already has some great creative habits!  So, her idea got me thinking.  I have my Goal process and I certainly don't lack for ideas and inspiration.  But, let's be honest here.  I can be just a tad bit on the lazy side!  Ha!  I'm convinced the word 'procrastinate' was created just for me.  So, if I find an idea that might get my rear off the chair (figuratively speaking, of course, since I can't post standing up!), then I'm game to give it a try.

Therefore (and ergo, henceforth, etc.) I will be posting a Wednesday What's On the Worktable (W.O.W.).  At some point on Wednesdays, I will take a photo of my worktable and post it here.  I may give you some information about what you are seeing - or not!  And I will try to stifle the urge to clean up before snapping the shot.  Think you can handle that?

Well, here is the first installment.  Wednesday, June 3, 2009.  What's On the Worktable: