Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pieces of Friendship


My puzzle swap pieces arrived this week!  Well, almost all of them, anyway.  Pat is still working on several of hers, so I got an IOU.  Once that one arrives, I will stitch the pieces together as a wall hanging.  But you can see what this will look like, can't you?

Each of these pieces is different - and each piece is so beautiful!  I don't have very good pictures yet, but I will show you what I have and you can go to the Pieces of Friendship blog or to the individual stitcher's blog to see better pictures. 

Beginning Top Row Left:  First there is my piece.  I've posted about it, so you can see a close-up here.


Cindy from Minnesota.  Her blog is Cindy's Stitches in Time.


Wendy in Singapore.  Her blog is Umi & Tsuru.

Second Row:


Elizabeth in Virginia.  Her blog is called Elizabeth Creates.


Freda from Illinois calls her blog Sew Whats New.  That gold blur is the cutest little teapot (what an awful photo!).


Cathy in Utah.  Her blog is Crazy By Design.

Bottom Row:


Grace in Indiana.  She calls her blog Grace Beading.

Pat's IOU is next.  The little blue flower charm came from Wendy.


Last (and certainly NOT least!) is Maggie from Canada.  Her blog is Magpie's Collectables.

This was an amazing idea for a swap, so I am sending many thanks to Pat for hosting it.  And thank you to all the talented ladies who stitched and beaded in the name of friendship. 


Annie said...

What a gorgeous collection. So many talented ladies! And Pat did a great job of selecting a set for you.

Kay said...

This is the greatest swap idea, and the result is wonderful! I'm so glad to have seen the pieces and the whole.