Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kansas Prairie Shop Hop




Yesterday I boarded a bus bright and early for a day trip of fabric shopping!  The 2009 Kansas Prairie Shop Hop.


Last year was the first time I had ever taken a trip like that and I had a great time.  So, of course I needed to go again this year!  Auntie P6130009couldn't go so I went by myself.  I have been meeting a lot of the local quilters  lately and figured I would surely know someone else on the bus.  And I did!  And met some new people as well. 

We all had a good time and there was lots of laughter on the bus.  I can't tell you about the whole day - it would be too much for a blog.  Besides, the first rule of shop hopping is "What happens on the bus stays on the bus!" 


Each year there are block patterns available based on the theme for that year.  This year was stars.  Each of the eleven shops make a quilt using those blocks and each designs a different layout.   All of the quilts were amazing, but I think this one is my favorite.  If I were to make this quilt (which I probably won't) this is probably the layout I would use.

goodybags   Each shop provided a goodie bag to shoppers that included the block pattern as well as a quilter's button and miscellaneous goodies.  See that little pile of candy on the left?  It started out much bigger.  LOL!


This is what the buttons look like.  If you visited all of the shops, you would have eleven buttons and several shops had a quilted clock made up of these buttons.  Cute idea!  Did I think to take a picture?  Of course not!


This is part of what I brought home with me.  These are the stash builders.  Things I knew I was going to need and actually had on my list.  I need yellows and oranges in my stash and a couple of neutrals since that pile gets used frequently.  The fat quarters are for a polka dot swap.


And there were other fat quarters, of course.  Sometimes they fill a hole in the stash, and sometimes they just need to go home with you.  I can never resist new fat quarters!


And then, there is this group.  Have you ever been in a store when you heard a wee, small voice saying "Buy me, buy me!"?  No?  Ahem, never mind that, then.  I've learned on past shopping trips that if you see something you really, really like you should go ahead and buy it right then.  Thinking that you will get it the next time you are in <insert city name that you never visit again> is something you will live to regret!  I have no idea what these fabrics will become part of, but I will enjoy looking at them for awhile.  And one day an idea will come along that is perfect for these!


One stop seems to be a requirement for all bus trips . . . Russell Stover!  I think the buses are all programmed to turn off at the appropriate exit regardless of final destination!  Hmmm. Yum!

In fact, I think I need to go sample one of those chocolates right now!  I'll be back later with more fun stuff.


Annie said...

That looks like the funnest trip ever. I would have gone just for the Russell Stover stop. Reminds me of an aunt of mine who couldn't get enough of that brand!

Anonymous said...

I have not only had fabric say 'buy me, buy me', I have had fabric grab me by the arm and refuse to let go until I had some cut to take home, grin. Barb in WNC