Monday, April 14, 2014

What Have I Been Doing?

I have been busy every day for the past couple of weeks, but what have I got to show for it?  Not a whole lot!  You’d think I would have some kind of snippets to share.  I have several projects going but they all seem to be going slowly.  What to do, what to do.

Why, start a new project, of course!  I don’t know if my idea will work or not, but if so, it will include some of this:


and some of this:


See that gadget there?  It’s a circle cutter and is it slick!  Once I got a feel for how it works, I was able to cut out sixteen circles in no time at all.  I may need to make a lot of circle projects!

Now I just need to get something done so I’ll have something to blog about!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Time to Catch Up

This blog has been kind of quiet, I know.  It’s not that I haven’t been working on anything.  But what I’m working on is mostly hand work – and sometimes that takes!  Mix in about a week’s worth of head cold/virus/crud/whatever, and there hasn’t been much going on around here.

Today, however, I have some progress to show you.  Everybody say, “Yay!”

So, I told you here how much I love hexies and showed two pieces I was working on.  This is what they look like today.


This is the one that started it all – the Soupcon Quilt-Along from Faeries and Fibers.  There are a couple more borders yet to go on this one.


This is how the second “Soupcon” is looking.  I finished the embroidery today and will have an audition for border fabrics soon.  By the way, the photos are misleading as to size.  The top piece is 24” square, and this one is 18” square.  So, a ways to go on this one.


And since one can never sew too many hexies . . . I started a third project!  This one is from The Hexie Blog and is a block-of-the-month.  This is January, so maybe just a little bit behind! Again, fabric auditions will be held soon for February and March.  Oh yeah – and April.  Jeez, I’d better get cracking!

Of course, none of these three are what I should be working on.  My half finished dolls, the multiple quilt projects, lesson plans for doll club, art journaling – these are all at just about the same place as they were two months ago.

Me?  I am always focused and . . . look!  a squirrel! . . . not easily distracted at all!  Winking smile