Monday, September 22, 2008

Double Double, Toil and Trouble

witchiesMy doll club met this weekend and our project was to make these little witches.  They are not quite completed at this point, but enough to see that they have individual characters.  In fact, one of them is hiding on the far right because she "doesn't have makeup on yet." 


A couple of close-ups.  They do like they could stir up some trouble, don't they?


I'll show you something that is very special about these witches.


They are made from plastic water bottles!  A piece of the neck was cut out and we glued paperclay faces to a piece of cardboard which fits in the cut out area.  The hands are also paperclay and have wire going across the back of the shoulders.  Slip a fabric tube or three on, add a cape and hat - and there you are!  We had brooms and pumpkins and other embellishments to add.  Guess we will be ready for Halloween early!

I'll show a close-up of my witchie poo when she has all her embellishments.  Still working on my lap quilt, but it is just about ready for a binding, so stay tuned for more pictures coming up.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another Review

timeflies Yup, it's that time again.  My how time flies!  I've been pretty  busy in the workshop this week so hope to have some fun things to show you shortly.  So, the sooner we get this review over, the sooner I can get back to work!

Remember, these are according to the revised goals.  Here is how the last six-weeks have been, goal-wise:

Goal 1: Use my "stash" and develop my creativity.  meow for blog

Well I'm not trying to downsize my stash (a good thing!) but I have been thinking more in terms of using what I have this period.  And I have been trying lots of new techniques.  My Meow quilt was one of the major projects.  All but the backing was from stash and I certainly learned a lot about piecing asewchinend quilting.  Got another quilt off the pinning table yesterday, so stay tuned for that.  I am also having a blast learning to use my new sewing machine and the BSR!!  This has been an easy goal!

Goal 2: Take It Further challenge.

Just because I haven't posted a finished piece does not mean I'm not working on it!  I'm just a little behind!  OK, more than a little.  cropt But August is all hand embroidery and that does take longer, ya know?  Especially as I don't seem to be very good at sitting down to just hold a needle!  When I sit in the evening, it's either at the computer or in front of the TV.  The old eyes aren't good enough to stitch and see television at the same time any more.  Bummer!  But enough about me!  September is ready to start stitching and it should go faster.  Can't wait to start 'cause it will be freehand machining.  Woohoo!

Goal 3:  Make Dolls.

teaser Right!  Has this one ever been a problem?  I'm working on a swap and a challenge right now, so can't show any pictures just yet.  Club is next peekingweekend and then I should have something doll-ish to show.  I did get the news that my Hoffman doll has won an award and she will travel this year.  Last year's doll came home this week and she will tell us all about her adventures after she's had a chance to rest!

Goal 4: Classes and groups.

museworkClasses - let's see.  I have finished the Studio Journals class and  am still working in the journal . . . er - intermittently.  I'm not quite at the daily entry level (actually, not even close!), but it's been very useful for working out design ideas.  I have September's TIF all laid out and sketched and ready to start stitching - oh, any day now!  Sue Bleiweiss is starting another Journal Making class this month and I will have to sign up for that.  The last class was great!!

As for Groups!  That Stitchin' Fingers group is keeping me busy.  A couple of swaps, a challenge, and loads of ideas and discussion.  I can't wait to log in every day to see what's new!  I'm really enjoying doll club, too.  At least at this time.  You see, I was just shanghaied  convinced to be President for the next two years.  I think I'm up for it, but have to admit to a small case of j-j-j-jitters with my first official meeting coming up!

Goal 5: Review.

OctoberPhew!  That's over with and I'm ready to get on with the next six weeks.  This period's review was a couple of days late, but I'm counting this as still in the week of . . . .  Next review will be week  of October 21.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Christmas in - er - September

Or . . . You Knew I'd Do It!

Yes. I'm sure no one was fooled by my hesitation in my recent post about looking at the new Berninas. Of course I decided to get it!

auroraAnd, of course I had to get the Stitch Regulator. Actually, that was the piece I had to have. So, anyone want to take a guess on what I've been doing the last day or so? Ah, come on! It should be easy! Here's a hint:

P9070014Well, it is so much fun to work with! A little scary sometimes, but I will get used to it. I need a lot more practice to move the fabric at an even rate. That needle is really wicked when you move suddenly!

And this week there was another exciting addition to my workshop. I received my prize from Hoffman California Fabrics! Oh my! I will have to try even harder so I can get another prize next year. LOL! This is wonderful!

P9020003A whole range of Bali Batik fat quarters! These are just so scrumptious!!!! What will I do with them? Oh dear, I just want to look at them for now. And fondle them - and drool all over them! Er . . . ahem. Might have gotten a little carried away there. But, people, the photo doesn't do justice to these colors. I'm sure I will find something to do with these, but not yet.

And one more thing. Not quite as exciting, but I got a little stirred up anyway. What can I say, I live in a very small town. One must get their thrills where one can.

new files

New filing cabinets! Yeah. Big deal. I know. But the old cabinet was a horizontal file and didn't hold as many files as I needed it to. Plus the drawers did not come all the way out, so there was always some jockeying to get to the stuff at the back. Then the drawers starting jumping the tracks. First one, then the other, until one day I couldn't wiggle it back on. Great! Bottom drawer was stuck at half way! Very convenient, that. Numerous attempts to repair or modify were unsuccessful, so today we took the truck to town. (And spent money again - I have got to stop doing that!) I got busy organizing files and putting them away - in alphabetical order yet! Oh, I feel SO organized!

Pretty cool week, all told. Almost like Christmas, huh? I feel so ready to create now.

Monday, September 1, 2008

UFOs Uncovered

That's the name of a group I've joined on Stitchin' Fingers.  I would guess that every sewer, crafter, stitcher, whatever has some projects that just get stalled.  For a variety of reasons, progress will halt and it gets pushed to the back of the closet.

Yes, I know there are people out there who actually finish everything they start.  Not in my family, though!  And certainly not ME!  I can never really forget the UFOs, either.  We have moved quite often and every time, those Projects in Boxes (PIBs) get packed up again and transported to the new house.  Usually to be pushed to the back of the closet again!

Well, one of this year's goals was to start using books and tools that have accumulated over the years and you could say the underlying push is to clean up the studio.  That would include all those UFOs.

The SF group has decided to start today by "declaring" the UFO that is to be finished this month.  We are to post pictures of our progress (or not) so here is my starting point:

UFO-laluna startI have had these little Piggies cut out for too many years.  I have no idea how long, but the fabric is scraps from some projects in the 1980's.  Um, 20 years? 

P7150029Some of you are probably thinking "why pigs?"  One of my personal quirks is that I adore pigs!  Their rubbery noses and funny snorting noises really delight me.  This may also explain my love for my little pug dog, Jake.  

I have collected all manner of pig-ish figures and decorations for years.  Can you imagine how odd it feels to have a co-worker come in and say "I saw the funniest pig this weekend and I thought of you, Liz!"  Uh, thanks - I think!

Well, I think it is time these little stuffed pigs join the collection, don't you?  Wish me luck.