Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Meet Percy


Percy is a Peacock.  Can you tell?  This fellow has had my full attention for a couple of weeks.  Thank goodness, he's done because he's been a real handful!


Oh! And this is Pegwyn.  Pegwyn is one of Hera's handmaidens and her job is to tend to the celestial flock of peafowl - including Percy.  She is a very sweet maiden and I'm afraid Percy tries to take advantage of her.  Percy thinks he is the favorite, but dome of us have our doubts!

Percy-TU Didn't I tell you he was a handful?  Here he is letting his feet dry before having his tail attached.  From this point on, he was a regular nuisance.  He kept tangling up the threads and throwing beads around and - worst of all - jabbing me with the needle!  And then he would look at me as if to say, "What is your problem, lady?" 

PnP-fullviewPnP-backThe real story, of course, is that this is my Hoffman Challenge entry.  And here are full views of the front and back. 

Back in the 70's, I saw a ventriloquist fellow on TV who had a large Emu for dummy.   He and the Emu would get into scuffles and the physical comedy was hilarious.  At one point, he wound up hanging upside down from a ladder.  I felt a lot like this fellow while I was trying to attach Percy to Pegwyn.    All three of us were upside down at some point or other.  Well, it felt that way!

They are on their way at last.  I hope the judges like them.


paulahewitt said...

well done! - goodluck with the Hoffman challenge

Kay said...

Cool! Good luck. I'd say you're a sure winner.

Orice said...

Yay! How wonderfully, wildly creative! If I were one of the judges, you'd be my FIRST choice.

Scotstitcher said...

Good luck with the challenge. Percy is wonderful. Looks like he's behaving himself now - he looks very regal!