Sunday, July 6, 2008

Testing . . .and Doll 2

I've already blogged today, but I am testing out a new tool.  Windows Live Writer.  Let's see how this works . . .

In the previous post I mentioned I've been working on two dolls lately.  The second doll is for the Hoffman Challenge.  Many of you know what that is, because I have been seeing a lot of posts on other blogs. 

I think my creation is going well so far.  It just took a really long time to get something going!  My creative Muse is pretty hard to work with sometimes.  We might both agree on an idea or concept, but then we will get signals crossed on just how to realize that idea!  It's a problem!  But it is a problem that I am now beginning to understand.  I've joined some discussions on Stitchin' Fingers about design principles and where ideas come from.  And I am now taking a class from SharonB called Studio Journals, which is helping me see what my Muse needs from me in the first place.  There's always Hope!

So, as for the Hoffman Challenge:  This doll doesn't have a name yet - and she's still in multiple pieces - so all I have to show are some fragment shots.  "Teasers" if you will.

closeup teaser

Stay tuned!


Orice said...

Her eyes are winners already, Liz. They're a perfect match for the Hoffman fabric. Can't wait to see the whole thing.

Threadspider said...

Those are very tempting teasers-love her eyes and the peacock fabric. Let us know how you get on with Windows Live Writer.