Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Goals and Revisions

Yes, folks - it's that time again.  I know, I know.  It's just TOO exciting isn't it?  Well, that's enough silliness.  Let's get to it.football_3_lg

If you've been following this thread, you know that I made some adjustments to the goals at the last review.   I was having some real trouble keeping up with everything and getting way too stressed about it.  The fact that I was using a left brain tool to govern development of right brain creativity may have had something to do with it.  Ya think?

Anyway, let's see what the revised goals look like.  In fact, I have "evolved" my overall target slightly as well.  It is now to develop my creativity and identify areas for further exploration.  To see how I turned that around, compare it to the original target



And the individual goals have been turned about as well.

1.  Whenever appropriate use books, tools, and materials collected over the years to explore techniques and create projects that will develop my individual creativity.

2.  Participate in the Take It Further Challenge by completing at least one 11" square for each month, with the end result being a fiber "scrapbook" to be assembled next year.

3.  Keeping doll art as my primary focus, enter challenges and participate in classes, club activities, etc., to continue development of dollmaking skills.

4.  Continue to work on class items (ie, Hatmaking class, Wings class) and group activities (Stargazer Tome, Stitchin Fingers) to cultivate a feeling of having "accomplished something!" as well as explore new ideas.

5.  Review goals every six weeks and adjust as necessary to stay in line with this year's Target.

Sound more right-brained to you?  Vague, maybe?  Wishy washy?  Plenty of fudge room there, I think!

clip_image002[5]I don't want this to become a major long post, so I will do the review later in the week. 

A note about the graphics:  This is what happens when you put "goal" into a clipart search engine.  You get football and archery!  Not to mention soccer, hockey, and bullfighting?  Oh well, pictures from me to come.

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