Sunday, February 10, 2008

Goals and Resolutions

Last week SharonB posted a question about goals and resolutions. As I’ve been thinking about the her question and comments others have made, I realize that I do not consider Goals and Resolutions to be the same thing. A Resolution is more like a long-term target and is generally pretty broadly stated. I.e., I will lose x pounds this year. It deals with the result, not the how. A Goal, however, is much more specific – and several goals may be geared to the same resolution. A goal could stand by itself, but if you look a bit deeper you usually find it is a step toward something bigger. Sometimes I do it backwards and set several goals before realizing what the overall target is! But when I think about it, things seem to fall into place. Oh yeah! That’s what I wanted.

So, why am I nattering about Goals and Resolutions? Especially since I claim to never make resolutions! Well, one of my goals this year is to do a 6-week review of how I’m doing with my Goals – and by extension, my – er -- Resolution. One thing I learned during the years as a supervisor is that goals need constant monitoring if you don’t want to get lost in the jungle! Did you ever work your tail off and then realize you really did not accomplish anything? Been there!

And it’s about time for my 6-week review. Plus, another tool for success is to make your project open so others can see what you are doing. If it’s a secret no one will know when you go off course and give up. So, you all get to watch and (I hope) cheer me on.

My “target” for 2008: Use my weighty collection of resources (books, nifty gadgets, etc.) to develop my design and hand embellishment skills. For years I bought lots of goodies with the excuse that I would have them for when I retired. Well, here we are! The goals that contribute to this target are:
1. Participate in the Take It Further challenge
2. Participate in the Stargaze Tome group’s Tome Page-A-Month project
3. Complete the Hatmaking class I took four (!) years ago
4. Use a book or tool to explore new techniques or refine un-mastered skills – preferably incorporated with the other goals – at lease once a month
5. Keep doll making as a focus for my creativity
6. Enter the Hoffman Challenge – and any other appropriate challenge as they come up
7. Review the above 6 goals every 6-weeks and blog about my progress

OK, now I’m committed (or should be committed, as the case may be!) and it’s too late to turn back. In the next post I will let you see how the progress review goes. Stay tuned.

And when I don't have anything else to do (Ha!) this is what I work on. Slo-o-o-owly making progress.

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