Monday, February 4, 2008

Finished A Project

The last couple of weeks I feel like I have not finished anything. Just keep starting new projects until just deciding what to work on has been a hassle. So today I decided I was going to finish SOMETHING!

And I did! Wahoo! This piece is my sampler from last year's Take A Stitch Tuesday. Every Tuesday, SharonB posted samples of a stitch and where to find instructions. Even though the challenge is over, the weekly postings are still available. I was not officially part of that challenge because (1) I did not have a blog until November, and (2) I was never caught up with the rest of the group! But I tried all the stitches and kept print outs of all the instructions.

It makes quite a big notebook, so today I turned my sampler into a book cover for the instructions. Now I have a nice reference book for a wide variety of stitches. Sweet.

I spent the rest of the day working on the Stargaze Tome front cover. Gosh, I'm tired but there's still some work to go. The ladies don't have faces yet! That's the fun part, so I'm looking forward to my next trip to the basement.

P.S. This is blog number 25. Not a big number, but a milestone nonetheless.


pinsneedles said...

Liz, your TAST sampler is great, and what a fabulous idea to turn it into the cover for the instructions. I love it.

Sequana said...

What a great project to finish. Makes me pale in comparison. At least I have all the stitches printed out....*L*

I guess when I'm in the home with not much to do, I can work on a sampler......isn't that awful?
Forget I said that....

sharonb said...

I love this - its great to see it done

kay susan said...

What an appropriate use for your lovely sampler!

Orice said...

Liz, This is an incredibly beautiful work. Creating a book cover tome is a perfect way to display your talent.