Thursday, February 21, 2008

Finished Another One

I finished page 2 of the Tome today. Wahoo! Another project finished on time. And there's a whole week left in this month! Oh yeah - er - well, there's supposed to be a little doll in that pocket. And - uh - I haven't started it yet . . . BUT, the page is finished!

I wanted to do something about my grandmother, Ursula. When I started going through photos, I discovered I have very few of her - and none of her alone. Next visit with my mother I will have to see what she has. But these photos will do fine for now. The oval one is a 4 generations shot taken when my baby was about 6 months old - so 1970. Apparently I was in my "country girl" mode at that time. Pigtails? Good grief! The little picture (which doesn't show up at all well here) is of my grandparents Ursula and Leslie a few years later. On the other side of the page is one of my favorite photos of all. It is my mother and grandmother taken when they graduated from college. It was right after the war and when she realized she could graduate, my mother asked her mother when she was going to finish her college degree. When they checked on it, they discovered that Ursula had earned enough credits to get her degree at the same time. The local paper did a special interest piece on them and this was the picture they ran. Well they were farmers and the reporter must have thought carrying an empty bushel basket looked authentic!

I had quite a time sorting through my button collection to find just the right buttons. In fact, I wound up sorting the buttons into categories and colors. Now I have a nice box full of ziplock bags with neatly organized buttons. Just too, too efficient!

I even had time to do some beadwork on my doll club project. It is getting close to finished. I decided I want to print some photos for this project and then I can put everything together and there will be yet another finished item. Oh boy, I am on a roll now!


Penny said...

Thanks for visiting Liz, every one is doing such different stuff for TIF and oh help I must get my second page for the tome up too.
It is so much fun visiting blogs, but takes up a lot of time too.

Orice said...

Dear friend,
Your creative spree ignites my own. Your work is beautiful. I love the colors of the orangish-copperish piece and the clay head. Love, love, love your work.

Orice said...

Oops. Another comment I wanted to make: I have the same Tome pattern and now I want to start mine!