Sunday, February 3, 2008

February Take It Further

Sharon has announced the February challenge and it really started me thinking. The concept option is "Old Enough to Remember" - or that's what I've been calling it. Go here to see what Sharon had in mind.

Like most everyone else in this challenge I have spent the last couple of days digging into some of my early memories. I've walked around several ideas and discarded several others. For example, I learned to sew on a treadle sewing machine. And the kitchen at grandparent's farmhouse still had a hand pump to bring water in. I remember that the ice man still made a few deliveries on our block . . . and a shy little girl with big brown eyes could get a sliver of ice on a hot day! I remember going to the corner drug store and getting a coke from the fountain - with an extra squirt of syrup. That will curl your hair! Oh yes, I also remember home permanents. Ugh! The same drug store had a tube tester - for when your TV blew a tube. And if you couldn't figure out which one, the repairman actually came to your house!!!
Oh my, now I am feeling old. Guess I will have to go do some stitching therapy. It always works!

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