Thursday, February 7, 2008

Stargaze Tome progress

These pictures are the cover page for Patti Culea's Stargaze Tome that I finished earlier this week. I posted in-progress pictures earlier (here) and I am quite pleased with the way this turned out. Once I drew the faces it was really easy to finish them up. I auditioned lots of different hair options - at one point they had green and purple hair! - but these worked out just fine. I really like the platinum blond. Doesn't she look like a 50's movie star?
I also optioned several different kinds of beads. I have quite a stash, you know! The two necklaces actually started life as full-size necklaces. The puka beads (on the right) were a full necklace of puka shell chips that I bought at the fair. I know that buying just the beads would have been much more expensive! The round white beads (on the left) are painted wood and made up the "support" beads on an old wooden necklace I found in a thrift shop years ago. I bought the necklace because the focus beads are large and look hand painted. Very pretty at least. Never dreamed I would find a use for the rest of the necklace!
Now I am ready to start page 2 of the Tome. It involves photo transfers. I have picked the photos I want to use, but they need to be scanned into the computer. I have one of the all-in-one type printers which is pretty handy. BUT (there's always a but!) once you have used the scanner part, the computer does not recognize the printer! Everything has to be turned off for more than 30 minutes so the electronics forget everything before one can print. What a nuisance! So I save scanning for evening, just before bedtime. Then computer and I both can rest and start over in the morning!

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Orice said...

Love the faces and hair. . .and jewelry on each of the Tome faces. You are oozing with creativity lately, Liz. Ain't it fun?