Friday, February 29, 2008

Where Does the Time Go?

Feels like I just posted yesterday. But that was Sunday - and today is Friday!! So what happened? I know I worked on some things and it seems that every day was busy. And what do I have to show for it? Not a lot! But here ya' go.

I was able to get some piecing time in and my lapquilt is ready for borders. It's based on a 9-patch block so was not too difficult, but has taken a long time because I only work on it when I'm between projects. Which is not often! I noticed that I seem to collect a lot more thread lint when working on a quilt than on anything else. Has anyone else noticed that?

It's time to get back to working on dolls. In fact, I have three or four patterns and ideas waiting for me. I've been working on a frog design and found some great eyes for him. This is the muslin "test" and I tried the eyes in all positions. They fit at a slant and you can make him cross-eyed or not. Kind of cute. I also found the perfect fabric: green (of course) hand dyed and a really wild red plaid for his vest. Starting to get excited about this guy, so once I hit the production phase he should go fast.

In the meantime I am working on the final project for Sumptuous Surfaces class. Had some trouble at first and have done quite a bit of picking out stitches. Then I ordered some specialty yarns that must have come by way of the horn of Africa! Of course, I was waiting impatiently. But they are here now so I should be able to take some pictures soon.

Today I did some experimenting with stamps on fabric. I used the Jacquard paints and am really pleased with my results. I should have a picture tomorrow. Or the next day. Er, eventually!


Anonymous said...

great frog - looking forward to seeing him green. Looking forward to following your SS piece too.

Orice said...

Love your froggie, even in the muslin stage. S/he has a bright personality. . . so much like his/her maker.