Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sumptuous Surfaces

I decided to give this item a post of its own. I have been taking a class on-line called Sumptuous Surfaces. On Friday I finished my first piece. We have talked quite a bit about design principles and how different threads and stitches work to convey your concept. My original design was about bone health, but as I worked through it I realized it has more to do with aging not so gracefully. I wanted to show a contrast between youth and healthy bone and the more chaotic brittleness of aged bones. And the final result shows me that there is a beauty in the chaos. We are always telling each other that older women are more beautiful and interesting, but I have trouble believing it sometimes. I think I will frame this for my bedroom so I can be reminded each day that older is not uglier. It is beautiful -- just in a different way.

Man, that's way too deep for me! I did not intend to get all philosophical in this blog. Sometimes you just can't help it I guess. Art deals with life and life can get pretty deep.

One last comment. If you ever sign up for an on-line class, be sure to participate in the forum or bulletin board or whatever discussion tool they have. I have taken classes where all I did was print out the lessons and take it from there on my own. The interaction between teacher and students and among students really adds to the courseware and it's worth that extra time!


Orice said...

Gosh, Liz, you've been turning out piles of wondrous creativity! Love the lush white tones and detail of stitches. Wish I could sit beside you and watch you work. I'd pick up more than a few tips and a whole lot of new ideas!

paulahewitt said...

Liz - this looks great! its a great class isn't it - mt first online class but not the last! I cant believe how much Ive learnt - and you are right - the interaction in the forum really enhances the experience!
ps - i love your TIF piece- I am planning to go through the TIF challenge blog and comment - but Ive been too busy dusting/fretting/stitching!