Sunday, February 17, 2008

Doll Club

We had our February club meeting yesterday! It seems like a very long time since we last played. We met in November, but it was a small group and it was the "Open House" meeting, so I guess it's been October since we had a "play date."

This group of dolls are the results of a parts swap. Each member made the parts for a 12" doll and we placed the parts in paper bags then drew the parts for our project. There were all colors and styles and some were harder to assemble than others. I wish I had a better picture, but perhaps someone else will come up with one. I think these are amazing!

This month we started working on book dolls. We used a pattern by Elise Peeples for a small doll shaped book to put pictures or drawings in. There were lots of ideas floating around. I love going to club meeting because everyone is so creative and we get so many new ideas from each other. We also picked up fabric and the pattern for next month's project. We are calling it Over the Rainbow and the challenge is to use all six colors plus something from our stash. I will have to do some digging through my piles. I KNOW I have some multi-colored prints in there somewhere! We are beginning with the same pattern and fabrics, but if I know this group that will only be the starting point. I can't imagine us ending up with dolls that look anything alike. Should be fun and this will surely get me back on track to make cloth dolls!

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