Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday WOW – March 30

Oops!  I went to the quilt shop and did some sewing today . . . and forgot to take any pictures!  Ah well.  One of the things I worked on was selecting fabrics for a Mystery Quilt my local guild is presenting this year.  We need 2 lights, 2 mediums, and 2 darks.  Oh boy.  Seeing values is one of my weakest areas.


So I’ve learned to do this trick:  I take a photo like that one above.


And then I change it to black and white.  And here I can see that those mediums really aren’t!  Back to the drawing board – er, stash. 

In fact, I rejected all of these fabrics in the end.  I’m happier with the new set and have started cutting.  But those are what I did not take a picture of!  Don’t worry.  I’ll be showing you how the mystery unfolds, so stay tuned.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Traveling Pages Come Home

The idea behind the Traveling Page swap was, of course, to have a book.  And a book needs a cover - or in this case, a wrapper.


I had all my pages loosely bound awhile back, and I showed you the introductory page I made.  I thought for a long time about how to bind these pages permanently.  Finally, I decided a wrapper would be the best.  That way I could fix the pages in securely and have a decorative spine as well.


For the front, I created a photo collage of several front doorways and then printed it onto fabric using an antique filter.  The letters DOORS are simply fused and satin stitched. 


Probably my favorite feature is the door plate that I got from Alpha Stamps.  The doorknob is the 'button' to hold the book closed!

Here are just a couple of pictures of the inside:




For the lining I have some fabric with the map of the world on it.  Very appropriate!

I really enjoyed this swap and I think I learned lots and lots.  In some ways, I am sad it is over.  But I have all these wonderful pages to look at and remind me of the journey.

Friday, March 25, 2011

And Another Finish!

Remember these?


I stitched these applique squares almost two years ago.  And this is how they look now:


The appliques were a 2009 Block-of-the-Month from Ellie's Quiltplace.  I auditioned sashing options in Electric Quilt and this is the result.  One UFO down, umpty-eleven to go!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday WOW - March 23

Another Wednesday already?  This year is really clipping along, isn't it?  At least the weather is warming up.  In fact, we had our first Tornado Watch yesterday!  Spring?  We may be going directly to summer!


So here is some of what I'm working on now.  This is a block-of-the-month from - er - awhile ago!  I'll tell you a secret.  I wanted to use that blue fabric for another project, but first I need to at least cut the pieces for this one to see how much is left!  So, I wasn't planning to finish this one just yet.  But on the other hand, everything is cut and ready to sew!  Hmmm.  We shall see.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Captain, There Be Peacocks Here!

Okay - bad take on the Star Trek line, but I'm not having much luck with a more creative title.  Just ignore it and take a look at this quilt:


Here is a closer look at the peacock blocks:


There's a story here, of course.  Almost three years ago, Rivkah posted about a vintage block she had found and told how she really wanted to make a quilt.  But, she figured she would never get it done by herself and she asked if anyone would be willing to make a block or two.  I thought she had a good idea there, and besides, I wanted the pattern for that block! 

Rivkah sent me some fabric and the pattern and I dutifully created my block and sent it off.  But I could not get that block out of my mind.  Especially when the Hoffman Challenge fabric for that year was full of peacocks!  I even purchased an extra yard - just in case, you know?

Last month I decided it was time to stop thinking and do!  I fussy-cut the tail pieces from the peacock tails on the fabric.


And I chose a block for the alternate squares.  Birds-in-the-Air.  How appropriate is that?  Teehee!


And there was just enough of the Hoffman fabric left for a decent border.


And I think I know just how it should be quilted, too.  Isn't this a fun quilt?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday WOW - March 16

I had a really productive day today.  My goodness, it seems like a long time since I was able to say that!


I started out with a goal of working on two projects:  the Comfort and Joy block of the month, and my Country Calendar quilt.


And I finished both of them!  Woohoo!  Well, the BOM was just one  month's worth, but these are complex blocks with piecing and applique.  And I got everything cut out and fused yesterday.


Isn't he a cute guy?  I can't wait to show you the next block.  Also, I will be showing off the Country Calendar soon - never fear!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Dutch Waterways

Recently I posted about some blocks I've drafted in Electric Quilt.  I promised to share some of the quilts I'm playing around with, and here is the first one.

I used this block:

dutch_waterways-blk Dutch Waterways

I set up a simple horizontal grid quilt first. 


Then I started playing with colors.  What if one direction of the "waves" are darker than the other?


What if we increase the contrast?


Okay.  I just have to get some purple in there!


What about alternating the lights and darks?


Hmmm.  Interesting, but I've lost that wave.

Let's combine this block with something else . . . say a Barrister's block.


Oh my, this is soooo much fun!  And it is only the beginning!  I've got more ideas to try out.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday WOW - March 9


I get so much done when I go into the quilt shop to sew! 


No dogs to let out and in, no ringing phones, plenty of coffee, and they go get lunch, too!  So, I got twelve sashes for my 2009 Block Of the Month appliques.  Only a hundred and twelve to go!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Playing in Electric Quilt

Lately, I've been spending an awful lot of time with virtual quilts rather than real ones.  Although I did not start making quilts (real or virtual) until just a few years ago, I have collected quilting magazines for a long, long time.   The collection was very haphazard at first - a cover would catch my eye, or MIL would recommend something.  Just in the last year or so have I subscribed to a couple of quilt related magazines.

Well, now that there are 2 or 3 magazines coming every month, I am rapidly running out of shelf space!  Time to either prune books & magazines or get new shelves!  Since Sarge was less than enthusiastic about new shelving (you have no idea!), I have been going through the older magazines a little at a time, culling and tossing.  And having a ball getting reacquainted with all that eye candy!

And then I came upon this magazine:


This magazine is a keeper!  And I decided right away that I need to get those blocks into Electric Quilt!  It hasn't always been easy, but I've learned a lot and I think I can move around in EQ7 pretty well now.

What's that?  Of course I'll show you some of them!!!

auntmarys_irishchain-blk Aunt Mary's Irish Chain

barristers_block-blk Barrister's Block

beggarblock-blk Beggar's Block

childrenofisrael-blk Children of Israel

concord-blk Concord

dutch_waterways-blkDutch Waterways

This is just a sampling of the gorgeous blocks in this magazine - and now in my EQ7!  So, now that I have the blocks drafted, I am playing with quilt layouts.  OMG!  That is so much fun!  And soooo easy to lose track of time.  LOL!  If you don't hear from me in awhile, you'll know what I'm doing.  But, I plan to share some of my experiments with you, so stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday WOW - March 2

Oh my.  Another month already!  Where does the time go?  Oh, I know!  Time flies when you start with this:


And by the end of the day, you have created this:


This is the first block of a Block of the Month held by my local quilt shop.  It's called "Comfort and Joy" and is a short BOM - 6 months - so there's a chance I can finish it in time for Christmas.  I don't know, though.  Apparently I cannot read directions, since there's supposed to be nine half-square-triangles on the right, and I wound up with seven.  Something about trimming to square up.  Hunh!  It works, so why worry?

Time to get the next block.  Maybe I'll actually read the directions this time.  Then again, probably not!