Monday, March 21, 2011

Captain, There Be Peacocks Here!

Okay - bad take on the Star Trek line, but I'm not having much luck with a more creative title.  Just ignore it and take a look at this quilt:


Here is a closer look at the peacock blocks:


There's a story here, of course.  Almost three years ago, Rivkah posted about a vintage block she had found and told how she really wanted to make a quilt.  But, she figured she would never get it done by herself and she asked if anyone would be willing to make a block or two.  I thought she had a good idea there, and besides, I wanted the pattern for that block! 

Rivkah sent me some fabric and the pattern and I dutifully created my block and sent it off.  But I could not get that block out of my mind.  Especially when the Hoffman Challenge fabric for that year was full of peacocks!  I even purchased an extra yard - just in case, you know?

Last month I decided it was time to stop thinking and do!  I fussy-cut the tail pieces from the peacock tails on the fabric.


And I chose a block for the alternate squares.  Birds-in-the-Air.  How appropriate is that?  Teehee!


And there was just enough of the Hoffman fabric left for a decent border.


And I think I know just how it should be quilted, too.  Isn't this a fun quilt?


paddysdaughter said...

I think this is one of the most interesting quilts I have seen in ages. It looks wonderful - fabrics and colours are just right, so nice to see something a whole lot different! Well done.

Kay said...

That's great ! Very creative. I really like the way the fabric looks in the border too, with the pink flowers here and there.

virtualquilter said...


Very interesting ... starting with the block pattern .... then on to your fabric choices. The quilting will be fun!

Judy B

Gina E. said...

Fun? Sensational!!!