Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday WOW – March 30

Oops!  I went to the quilt shop and did some sewing today . . . and forgot to take any pictures!  Ah well.  One of the things I worked on was selecting fabrics for a Mystery Quilt my local guild is presenting this year.  We need 2 lights, 2 mediums, and 2 darks.  Oh boy.  Seeing values is one of my weakest areas.


So I’ve learned to do this trick:  I take a photo like that one above.


And then I change it to black and white.  And here I can see that those mediums really aren’t!  Back to the drawing board – er, stash. 

In fact, I rejected all of these fabrics in the end.  I’m happier with the new set and have started cutting.  But those are what I did not take a picture of!  Don’t worry.  I’ll be showing you how the mystery unfolds, so stay tuned.

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Kay said...

3 lights, 2 mediums, and one dark. It really is tricky, isn't it? I've gotten better but still goof sometimes. It will be fun to see the new candidates.