Friday, March 11, 2011

Dutch Waterways

Recently I posted about some blocks I've drafted in Electric Quilt.  I promised to share some of the quilts I'm playing around with, and here is the first one.

I used this block:

dutch_waterways-blk Dutch Waterways

I set up a simple horizontal grid quilt first. 


Then I started playing with colors.  What if one direction of the "waves" are darker than the other?


What if we increase the contrast?


Okay.  I just have to get some purple in there!


What about alternating the lights and darks?


Hmmm.  Interesting, but I've lost that wave.

Let's combine this block with something else . . . say a Barrister's block.


Oh my, this is soooo much fun!  And it is only the beginning!  I've got more ideas to try out.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I DO like the one where the wave is lost!

Up to that point I was thinking that the wave was the most interesting part of the design!

I guess there are two directions to explore with this design!

Judy B