Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Feb 12 Review of Goals

A couple of days ago I promised to post my 6-week goal review. Are we ready? Deep breath. Let’s see how things are going.

Goal #1: Participate in the Take It Further challenge
How am I doing: I completed the January color challenge and got a start on the January concept. February’s concept pieces are fused and now ready for embroidery.
Lessons Learned: I have some pretty ambitious ideas and a lot of things to do in a month’s time. I need to simplify my designs if I want to stay successful in this challenge.
Next Step: Finish the February TIF piece. I would like to do both options each month, the goal will be to do one and a second one would be “extra-credit.”

Goal #2: Participate in the Stargaze Tome group’s Tome Page-A-Month project
How am I doing: Got page 1 finished – only it wasn’t in January! February’s is ready to go.
Lessons Learned: Again, I need to simplify somewhat. Also, start the Tome earlier in the month. These are usually quick techniques (especially the ones I’ve done before) but a little time management wouldn’t hurt!
Next Step: So start page 2 already!

Goal #3: Complete the Hatmaking class
How am I doing: Lesson 1 – the pillbox hat – was completed on time. And Lesson 2 – a goucho hat – is also complete. Pictures will be available soon.
Lessons Learned: This is one area where I need to get more elaborate! The pillbox hat is very nice – and very dull. Embellishments don’t take very long and they can make a huge difference.
Next Step: Stretch my embellishment muscles for the next hat in March

Goal #4: Use a book or tool to explore new techniques or refine un-mastered skills – preferably incorporated with the other goals – at lease once a month
How am I doing: I used the Clover Quick Yo-Yo Makers in my January TIF. This month I will be exploring the different types of photo print fabrics in both TIF and Tome.
Lessons Learned: This is the fun part! But maybe I need to plan ahead a bit. February’s technique is almost by default because the Tome depends on photos.
Next Step: Make a list (oh, how I love lists!) of possible books and gadgets to choose from.

Goal #5: Keep doll making as a focus for my creativity
How am I doing: This one has been harder. I’d say that the hat lessons are doll-related, but that’s almost cheating. I have one doll in test muslin but it has a long way to go.
Lessons Learned: I tend to get over-involved in projects that don’t really apply to any goals. I don’t want to abandon everything else, but I do need to monitor my time more carefully.
Next Step: Get that muslin tweaked and start working on the final piece. Doll club is this week so that should help shift the focus.

Goal #6: Enter the Hoffman Challenge – and any other appropriate challenge as they come up
How am I doing: I have an idea and some rough sketches for the Hoffman Challenge. This week I completed Judy Skeel’s Edwardian Hat for the Doll Crafter and Costuming magazine challenge.
Lessons Learned: I think I like making hats! I never wear them myself, but that could change. One never knows. I learned to master taffeta and pulled together some embellishment that is not boring.
Next Step: Got to buy the Hoffman Challenge fabric. Duh!

Goal #7: Review the above 6 goals every 6-weeks and blog about my progress
How am I doing: Here it is. I’ve done it!
Lessons Learned: Time, time, time. I have some great aspirations and may not have the time management skills to pull it off. The review is helping, so I will stick to this agenda and see how it develops.
Next Step: Next review March 25

Glad that's over! Next post we'll be back to pretty pictures - I promise!

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