Thursday, January 31, 2008

Last Day of January

My family knows very well that the last day of anything will usually find me frantically trying to finish some kind of project or another! All those time management courses I took over the years have just resulted in me being late in a more organized way!

Anyway, these two projects are supposed to be "January" submissions. They will be done by January - 2009, at least! The first one is Patti Culea's Tome pattern for the cover page. The Stargaze Yahoo group is attempting to do a page-a-month. So many people have gotten started and then did not finish all the pages for one reason or another. I am one of those people! I have four pages done, but they are two or three years old. Besides, I have learned a lot about fabric techniques since I did the first version and I'm going to see if I can do better. Not necessarily faster - but better.

The second photo is my TIF tribute piece. Now, I have already done the color TIF for January, so this doesn't count against me by not being done. Right? I've finished all the "work" and now what's left is the fun part. Embellishments! When SharonB announced the options for January, I chose to start working on the color, but my mind went right to work thinking about people I admire and how I could do a tribute piece. Once a project takes root in your mind, you have to do something to let it out, you know? I have actually chosen a group of people to represent in this piece. I think they have certain traits in common and each element in this picture represents - to me - one of these people. When I have finished this project, I'll post more about what and who and all that stuff.


Orice said...

You're certainly knee deep in creative projects. Don't beat yourself up for not being on time. Be thrilled with yourself for following your bliss, so to speak.
Love the colors in your Tome. Am also intrigued by your TIF collage. Did you photocopy anything? Or did you simply paint faces and details? Very convincing detail.

Kay said...

This is great!