Friday, January 11, 2008

A Farewell to 2007

This is the project I've been hinting at for the past week or more. I made a box to hold my Dayplanner pages for last year. I am a compulsive list maker and my day planners tend to have a lot of information in them. I can't just toss it away! And for those who doubt, I have gone back to confirm a date in previous planners.

So, last year I decided that just stacking them on a shelf with rubber banding is not acceptable. I created my "annual" New Year's project. It counts as annual after the second one, doesn't it? I used a stiff interfacing like Vilene or Timtex and started with a piece of plain muslin this year. I stitched the letters with a piece of craft foam behind so they stand out just a little. Then I scattered snippets of fabric around the letters and covered with a piece of tulle. The fun part is all kinds of free motion stitching. Multiple times and colors! Once all six pieces were finished, I hand stitched them into a box using a buttonhole stitch. Last year's was assembled with the sewing machine which is definitely quicker! I used my braiding around all the edges and added some beads and there it is! Taking a decent picture was almost as much work as making the box in the first place! We had some bright sunshine this afternoon, so I took advantage of it!

Now that I've put 2007 to rest, I am ready to really get into this year's projects.

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