Wednesday, January 2, 2008

January TIF

Yesterday, SharonB posted the first "episode" of the Take It Further Challenge - or TIF. Option 1 of the challenge for January is to create a piece representing someone you admire or look up to. That is a pretty tough assignment. First I will have to narrow the field to one person/group or one trait; and then decide how to represent that in fiber or paper. Option 2 is to use the color pallette at the top, left.
I decided to start with the colors, while I am thinking about Option 1. I printed out the pallette, but of course my printer did not make them come anywhere close! So today I have spent some time pulling out colored threads and fabric, taking photos, and running upstairs to put them on the computer and compare the colors! Whew! Not exact, but not bad either. I think I can do this! The dark purple grape color was no problem - I have more purple in my stash than is decent! But that pale yellow green on the right was pretty tricky. I don't believe I've ever used that color in anything. Time for me to try it, huh?
As for someone I admire . . . . that will take some more time. I have always been fascinated by Tudor England and Elizabeth I - not just because we share a name! And I share a birthday with Abraham Lincoln who is definitely someone to look up to. Then while reviewing blogs I realized how much I admire the many fiber artists who continue to create beautiful and new things. They look at everyday items and see them in a whole new light and come up with something I find amazing! Why didn't I think of that? And how in the world could I ever create a representation of that??! Sharon, you have certainly given me things to think about.

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