Saturday, August 2, 2008

Goal Review #5

OK, I promised a review.  With the "new and improved" goals (see previous post), this one should be shorter - and possibly more interesting for you!  So, what are we waiting for?

flake Goal 1:  Use my "stash" and develop my creativity.  I've certainly been doing things all over the map, experimenting on new things to see where my interests lie.  The exercises from my Studio Journal class have really started my thought processes lately.  I have high hopes for this goal coming up.


 Goal 2: Take It Further challenge.  I've stopped stressing so much about the calendar and concentrating on the challenge itself.  That's got to help, huh?  So I have July's piece ready for some quilting and will be ready to start on August next week.  These challenges are not only about developing art, they are turning into soul searching exercises as well.   Talk about a growth exercise!

closeup-sm Goal 3:  Make Dolls.  No problem there!  I've been so busy making dolls lately that I haven't explored a lot of new things during this review period.  The Flap doll is now finished, so watch for pictures of him before long.  I'm sorting through some "mature" ideas for another one.  Mature as in they've been floating around in my head for awhile.  Just might be time to let one out!

book sampleGoal 4: Classes and groups.  This is one area that has been going  quite well, actually.  The class on Studio Journals has been so-o-o interesting and helped a lot in many areas.  I've also been pretty active in the Stitchin' Fingers group.  I've taken part in a postcard swap and a Dotee doll swap and am even a "Group Mom" for Cloth Dolls - meaning I created the group and try to keep things sort of moving along.  I am also working on a fiber book and belong to a couple of embroidery groups, so there's lots of things to do.  I do want to get back to the hatmaking lessons I started the year with and that may happen a bit later on. 

Goal 5: Review. Ha!  For some reason this goal has always been easy.   Hmm, maybe "easy" isn't the right word.  There have been some painful confessions in the review process and some Deep Thinking, which we do try to avoid!  Well, next review will be the week of September 9 - and the beginning of a new season!

There!  That's out of the way and we can get back to the fun stuff.  Stay tuned for a post on the finished Flap and, hopefully, a finished TIF for July.  There's some interesting projects coming down the pipe, too.  So, what am I doing on the computer!??

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