Friday, August 8, 2008

July Challenge - Finally Finished!

Well, it's not TOO late!  This month's (July) Take It Further Challenge didn't take very long to make up, but I sure spent a lot of time thinking and planning! j0251313

The theme was "What is it to be at the half way mark?", which was left at just that.  When you start to think about it, there are so many, many ways to approach Half Way.  There was a lot of discussion about the glass being half-full or half-empty.  I also considered things like turning point, point-of-no-return, and Living on the Edge (one of my favs from Aerosmith). 

j0353406 I did a lot of doodling, but I kept coming back to the idea that we are half way through the year (actually just past the half-way mark, but - minor detail!) and so my mind kept coming back to a Time themed idea.  The more I thought about it, the less I could get away from Time.  Interestingly, there has been very little discussion from the Time angle from the other challenge participants.  That settles it, then.  I will deal with TIME!

About this point, we were looking at positive/negative and expanded squares in the Studio Journal class I took.  This is a simple concept that can be fairly dramatic.  Plus, by now I am getting way behind!  Time to put this thing together.  Except that didn't happen right away either.  Everytime I settled on a design - good, I'll start tomorrow! - overnight I would have another thought.  What if I turned these this way?  Maybe some color?  Should there be embroidered clock hands?  You get the idea.

Enough already!  So I got to work.  You just know I had more ideas even then!  Finally.  This is the finished piece.  It looks sorta like the last sketch, but not quite - almost. . . maybe.  Fused fabric and free motion quilting.half03

It needs a title.   Hmmm.  Half Time?  Time And A Half?  Cutting Time in Half? 

While I'm thinking about that, it's time to start on August's challenge.  "What is balance to you? Do you maintain a balanced life? How do you balance aspects of your life?"  Argh!  Life is balanced????


sharonb said...

Hi Liz - I wanted to say I like what you did here - your thoughts and the realisatin of them -

paulahewitt said...

I like this too - you have captured the concept very well - and your compostition is very balanced too - maybe you've killed two birds with the one stone!