Sunday, August 31, 2008

Meow is Finished

. . . and here is what it looks like:

finished meow

And this is the back:back of meow

This is a personal milestone for me.  The first quilt larger than a wall hanging that I have constructed completely from start to finish.  All by my own self!!   Everyone say, "Wow."

Well, I am feeling emotional about this one.  Of course, the emotion is more like relief than pride!  You might say there have been a few bumps along the way.  Most of the normal variety - not enough fabric for the originally planned border, mismatched corners - those are things you have to expect.  And I am much happier with this border as it turns out.

No, the problem that I could do without was when the foot control on my sewing machine started acting up.  It would stick in the On position . . . then stick in the Off position.   A good swift kick and it would behave - until next time!  Got through stitching on binding, but this is not acceptable.  No Way!

So yesterday we are off to the local Bernina shop.  (Well, in my case "local" is about 50 miles!)  No problem, they can probably fix it or replace if necessary.  This is a known problem and a solution is now available.  By the way would you like a loaner?  Oh, bless you!

While we are here, how about looking at the new models?  A big sale coming up in a week or so and there are some nice features.  Oh, OK.  Go ahead - twist my arm!  It can't hurt to look, right?  Can you see what's coming?

No, I did not come home with a new sewing machine . . . yet!  But I DID get to play with the Bernina Stitch Regulator (BSR) and that is a dangerous thing.  Because of course, now I NEED one!  I knew I would.  I've avoided looking at them because I knew it would hook me.  It's exactly what I need for the free motion embroidery and quilting I do.  

My faithful machine is now 5 years old.  With a new foot control, she will run great for many years.  But the BSR won't work on her.  Oh dear, what shall I do?  Anyone want to guess?  Be sure to check back in a couple of weeks - but don't place any bets. 


paulahewitt said...

WOW! big claps - well done. Your quilt looks great, and I like the border. have fun with your new know you are going to get it already, dont you?

Vicki W said...

Well done!

laplandyellow said...

ohhhhhhh,how nice!
i like quilts with animalfabrics!!!
and what a machine!!!
gr. from Marja.

laplandyellow said...

what a quilt, i like quilts from animalfabrics.

Kirsten said...

This quilt is beautiful!!!
I also love the pictures from the dolls of your doll club.
By the way, my sewing machine is about 30 years old ;-)
Have fun with your new machine!