Monday, August 4, 2008

Cleared for Take-off

I promised pictures of the finished class doll.  Here is Floyd - as I have decided to call him.  Flapping P8010004Floyd!  





















P8010014 P8010011





This pattern is filled with new techniques.  Just about the time I think I've tried them all, I find a designer like Nancy who takes us to a new level.  The class was really a lot of fun.  I would definitely consider taking another class from Nancy, but I DO NOT believe her when she says she is lazy!  I know a lot about lazy and those boots were not the product of a lazy mind!  LOL!

Nancy said she wants to have a challenge to make Flap - er, Floyd - a female companion.  That has me thinking.  The obvious idea would be a female flyer, but I'm not one to go for the obvious.  Besides, Floyd needs someone more . . . grounded.  Substantial!  What do you think?


Paula Hewitt said...

He is great - and he needs a wife. i think a bloke with skinny little legs like that needs a fat wife (like jack sprat and his wife) someone matronly.

Orice said...

Floyd is a real winner! I love him. His wings, his corny, endearing face. My kinda boy!

Ute said...

Liz, he is truly wonderful. I bet you're the first in our group to finish him. I got the shirt done. Today I found some Argile socks. Now I had better get busy! Where did you find the wings. They awesome.

And you're right about Nancy being a great teacher. You go girl!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello, Your doll creation is incredibly beautiful. Hugs judy Thanks for visiting my blog and I will enter your name in the drawing.