Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Journaling

This week's assignment in the online Studio Journal class I'm taking is to find shapes, patterns, and texture in our surroundings.  The first phase is to take a camera and collect pictures.  So there will be a lot of pictures in this post.  Just thought I oughta warn ya!

Since I live in a rural area, I thought this might be a difficult assignment.  The first day or so, I just tried to look around me with a little more awareness.  Once I got the camera out, things started to POP at me.  And now, I can't turn it off!  A ride to town has me bemoaning not having the camera - even though I have more than enough photos to continue with the lesson.  Like many other aspects of this course, this lesson may lead to a new addiction.  LOL!

Well, let's get to the pictures shall we?  First some circles.  There are a LOT of hay bales out this time of year.  And lots of flowers, too.  Easy!

circles  circle-flowers






Another circle in the guise of a wagonwheel.  Then some diamonds.



Now some rectangles - and a few circles as well.  These were the unusual ones mostly.  Actually rectangles are all over the place.



I was worried about triangles.  Where am I going to find triangles?  What do you think?  Why, once you start to look, they are everywhere!!  Power poles, towers, everywhere.





I also went looking for pattern and texture.  That one is easier.  An old wooden bridge, a weathered stone building, etc.  No problem!

texture-stone pattern-rusttexture-woodtexture-path



I may have gotten a bit carried away with the "gathering" part of this lesson!  Time to go see what the next phase is.  Back to the basement.  The neighbors should be relieved - no more crazy lady with a camera wandering loose!

See you later.


Kay said...

When I go back to the farm, I'm always stunned by the beautiful colors and textures, and shapes, as you've shown. There are more in the country than in the semi-suburban/urban sprawl ugliness where I live. The hay bales are beautiful, both in shape and color, aren't they?

Magpie Sue said...

I came to check out your shape photographs for the studio journal class but have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your recent doll efforts as well! Toad and Percy and Pergwyn (sp?) are absolutely delightful :- )