Sunday, July 13, 2008

Studio Journals class

I am taking an online class at Joggles right now called Studio Journals.  It is not  an "end-product" class, but rather a process class.  The process is how to use a Studio Journal to capture ideas and test designs.  As a way to do this - and to develop the habit of working in the Journal - we are also reviewing basic design principles.  Well, I learned some of it long ago in school, but the years have erased a lot of it, so this is really good for me.  Plus it is way too much fun!

Here a some of my pages - just so you know that I AM doing something!

P7090006P7090005The left hand picture is of an exercise in "drawing like you stitch."  This page already had a little sketch of a doll outline, so I filled it in with embroidery stitches and a tassel.  Then I experimented with some of my favorite stitches.

The right hand pic is something called "frottage" - or old fashioned rubbings.  I found some interesting textures around the house.  The round piece is from my hair dryer and I think I could do something with this one.  Some day!

 P7110007 flake This week we are exploring shapes.  First exercise was like cutting snowflakes.  Ooh!  Remember how much fun that was when you were in grade school?  Well, it's still fun today!  Of course, Sarge* thinks I've completely lost it now.  He was already suspecting I'm off my rocker, but now he's SURE!!

*By the way - about Sarge.  My family and close friends are all saying "Who?!!?"  On the rare occasion when I've mentioned my husband on this blog, I've called him "hubby."  Recently he informed me that he doesn't much care for that term (well, he put it just a wee bit stronger!).  So we had a little talk and I told him what some of the other bloggers call their significant other.  He was not crazy about an initial, scorned SO - significant other - or better half, and was really pretty negative about My Hero and LoveBunny.  I can't imagine why! ;-)  Finally, I received grudging approval to refer to him as Sarge.  After all, that is who he was when we met and married.  His mother once told me that he was born a Sergeant, it just took 20 years to get the stripes on his sleeve!

In other news, I have finished the Hoffman Challenge.  Stay tuned for pictures.

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Vicki W said...

That looks like a great class!