Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday W.O.W.

Seems the current trend among bloggers is a weekly theme post of some kind.  I've seen Wordless Wednesday, Where I Stand Sunday, and Freebie Friday - to name just a few.

Last week, Sharon B. decided to post a Work In Progress Wednesday as a way to maintain momentum on various projects.  By committing to posting a weekly photo, she hopes to keep her creative projects moving forward and inspire good habits, creatively speaking.   And she has invited her readers/followers to join her in this adventure.

I've taken classes from Sharon and followed some of her internet challenges and I think she already has some great creative habits!  So, her idea got me thinking.  I have my Goal process and I certainly don't lack for ideas and inspiration.  But, let's be honest here.  I can be just a tad bit on the lazy side!  Ha!  I'm convinced the word 'procrastinate' was created just for me.  So, if I find an idea that might get my rear off the chair (figuratively speaking, of course, since I can't post standing up!), then I'm game to give it a try.

Therefore (and ergo, henceforth, etc.) I will be posting a Wednesday What's On the Worktable (W.O.W.).  At some point on Wednesdays, I will take a photo of my worktable and post it here.  I may give you some information about what you are seeing - or not!  And I will try to stifle the urge to clean up before snapping the shot.  Think you can handle that?

Well, here is the first installment.  Wednesday, June 3, 2009.  What's On the Worktable:



Kay said...

Great idea! And whatever you do, don't clean up--I love to see other people's "creative mess". Could that be a Hoffman Challenge piece developing, hmm?

Annie said...

OK, I'm intrigued. A very strange alien on the left!

Orice said...

Most inspiring. Glad you're back and "at it again" after your flood.

Anonymous said...


sharonb said...

I think this is actually quite a tidy work table and quite amazing that you can see the surface of the worktable - which is never possible when I am in the middle of stuff

Anonymous said...

I thought WOW was Work on Wardrobe!
But I love the idea. Might even join in!
Judy B