Friday, June 12, 2009

Awake All Night

The quilt top is finished!  I still need to choose fabric for the backing.  Then I will begin looking for a quilter.  I think this calls for an experienced hand.

cropptI'm not sure about binding.  I think I have enough of the original flower print.  Or should I go for a solid color?  What do you think?  If solid, what color?


It appears that this top has passed the official UAPI (United Association of Pug Inspectors) inspection!  A few minutes after this picture, he had it on the floor being gathered up for a bed!



I used the trimmed triangles to make some pinwheel blocks.  They are small and there are 13 of them.  That will take some thinking to come up with a plan for them. 


Annie said...

That's a beautiful piece! I think I would go for a solid binding, maybe somethink like the darker portion (can't tell if that's green, gold or brown on my monitor) of the border fabric.

Glad it meets with your doggie's approval. Not good to have a disgruntled pet around!

Vicki W said...

that is so cute and I love the lime stripe fabric. I think purple would be a great binding.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the pug won't need to wear sunglasses at night!
I always like to use the darkest colour for the binding, with the odd exception. This one wouldn't be an exception.
Judy B

Kay said...

I love the way this turned out! I agree with Vicki--purple binding. As for quilting, this might actually be the place for a pantograph edge to edge. The busyness will hide the quilting anyway, and anything fancier would just be more expensive. But that's your call--it's a great quilt anyway.

Orice said...

Love the way the points extend beyond the "frame" of your quilt. I presume you created your own arrangement/pattern? In either case, it's loverlee.
If you can't find a good quilter, you could mail it to Lisa. She's excellent and receives them by mail all the time. If you need her website address, let me know.