Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Goal Review

Here we go again!  This is the fourth review for this year - and we are half way through!  Whoopee!  One thing this process has taught me (if nothing else!) is that time is a very slippery concept.  How can some days move so slowly, yet the weeks and months just fly by? 

Having grouched about time moving too fast, I must say I think I did fairly well this period.  Let's see how it looks in detail.

P5230023 1.  Make pieces for Friendship Puzzle.    Done.  I got my pieces completed and sent out on time.  I have since received the swap pieces in return and I blogged about them here.

2.  Make significant  progress on previewHoffman Challenge doll.  Good! (It depends on your definition of "significant" I guess!)  I have finished tweaking and adjusting the muslin copy and I'm ready to start on the real thing.  (This is not the final head, but it may wind up elsewhere someday!)  Hopefully that process won't take as long.



may-june 3.  Complete Stitchin' Fingers swaps for May and June (3 so far).   Done.  All three swaps went out on time.  I've even made a head start on the July swaps.  These are fun exercises and the ones I receive have been wonderful!

4.  Complete TIF pages and bind into a book.  In progress.  Well, not as much progress as I'd like!  I am still working on the embroidery for the last "page."  It's getting there, but probably time to make a push for the finish.


another 5.  Finish two In-progress dolls - one of which is wire skirted.  Done!  Just today, in fact!  I will be posting about these two soon.  They are both non-traditional styles.  Downright different in fact!  I hope you'll find them interesting at least.


6.  Stitch top for Scrappy Stars quilt.  Not Done/Done.  Is closeup anyone confused?  Actually, I switched out this quilt top for the Stack and Whack, which is a finished top awaiting the quilter.  So I am counting it as an accomplished goal.  It's my blog and I can make the rules!

So, I'm counting four dones and two with adequate progress.  That's an improvement.  I'll take all I can get!  Let's see what I can do with the next list.

  1. Finish the Hoffman Challenge - top priority.
  2. Complete TIF and bind into a book.
  3. Stitch top for Scrappy Stars (or possibly another?).
  4. Finish a UFO doll I call Carmen.
  5. Start another QOV quilt top.
  6. Complete the last lesson in Creative Box Making.

Come back on July 31 to see how I'm doing.

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