Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Peek at My Current Project

Christmas is just about wrapped up.  I should get the last things done tomorrow and then there will be five days to finish up this project.  And high time, too!

Since June (!) I have been planning a fabric memory book to give my Mom.  She knows I'm working on 'cause I had to raid her photo albums (er, boxes!) to get most of the things for this book.  Then I rashly mentioned Christmas!  Crunch time!!!!

I have three pages DONE!  Fourth page was so-o-o-o much fun to do that I have to show you some of it.  Just bits and pieces, but it's the fun stuff.




I printed these wedding photos on silk and then stitched them to the background fabric.  That ribbon on the large picture was a real pain to stitch.  I used the sewing machine and I know it would have been faster to do it by hand!  Live and learn.  I haven't done silk ribbon embroidery for quite awhile and forgot how much I enjoy it.   And dressing up the corsage on the small print was so easy and looks so great! 

Gotta get working if I want to finish this book, tho.  Now, if we should happen to have a snow storm on the 24th . . . .  But I can't hope for something like that!


Orice said...

Oh...I left my comment on this post in the one with your doggie. (technical stuff kept me from doing one here earlier). Anyway, your mom should be tickled pink with her fabric memory book. It's lovely. Inspires me to get back to my fabric memory book attempts. So far I've stuck to drawing instead. LOL.

virtualquilter said...

The book is looking good! You not only have to get it finished for your Mum, now I want to see the finished product too!
Judy B