Thursday, June 3, 2010

Still More EQ6

I received a confirmation message on my copy of EQ7 today.  That means it will ship soon - like in 3 days!  Whoopeee!  I can't stand the excitement!!!

The more I experiment in this software, the more I realize how much there is yet to learn.  So, last month I signed up for a class on Quilt University.  The class I took was called EQ6 Building Blocks, taught by Fran Gonzales.  Man, oh man, did I ever learn a lot of cool stuff!

Since all four lessons were crammed with fun things, there's no way I can share all of it with you.  But wait 'til you see some of the highlights!


The primary purpose of the class was to learn how to analyze quilt blocks and then draw them in the software.

This block is called Origami and this is only one of the several color/fabric combinations I tried out.


It's also only one of the many blocks we learned to draw.  I put a few into quick quilt layouts just to see what would happen.


This block is called Palm.  It would be wonderful in the right fabrics, huh?


On this one I combined two blocks:  Log Cabin and New York Beauty.  Pretty hot!


The Dovetails block was a bonus exercise . . . and it took me a full afternoon to get it right!  I had to do something with it then, so I combined it with Texas Tears, which is a lot simpler.  I think they make a nice combination.

Then we worked on applique blocks.  Oooh, I may need to learn applique!


Fran led us through this first block step-by-step (but the fabric choices are all mine!  Can you tell?).  Then she encouraged us to try more on our own.


So, I came up with this one.  I decided to call it Winter Window after putting snowflakes in the window.  Lots of fun!


Fran designed this Daisy Chain and we used a Wreath tool to get the motifs in a circle.  I thought I'd try it out with one of the cone flowers I drew.


This is the quilt I put together using the cone flower wreath as a center.  This is the kind of thing that makes me enjoy looking at quilts.  As a bonus, I got some information about how to fix those blocks in the outer border.  They aren't quite square, but I can fix that simply by choosing another style of border.   Too easy!

Judy at Virtual Quilter suggested I play with the fabric libraries some more and I did get braver while working through this class.  What do you think, Judy?  Does this count?


Virtual Quilter said...


Oh, yes, that counts ...... big time!

Love the aplique blocks, and the fabric choices too!

Bring on EQ7!

Judy B

Orice said...

It's wonderful to see you having so much creative fun. Always an inspiration to me.