Monday, August 23, 2010

Pieces of Friendship

I signed up to swap puzzle pieces with the Pieces of Friendship Yahoo group.  Pieces of Friendship is the brainstorm of Pat W and she hosted one of these swaps last year, too.   You can see more about these little puzzle pieces on this blog.

So, I spent some time making little crazy quilt squares.  I'm not really a crazy quilter, but I can embroider and I'm always drooling over some of the pretties out there.  Here are some of the pieces I made.


After I sent mine off, a package came back in a really reasonable time.  Wendy did a great job of coordinating everyone's pieces.  This is what I got back.


Starting at the lower left (blue) and moving clockwise, they are from  Wendy, Karen, Nicki, and someone who forgot to sign the back.  Oh no!  If you recognize this piece, let me know who made it please.

I tried to take closeups of mine and the ones I received, but apparently this is a skill I need to work on.  LOL!  Maybe I will figure that out by the next swap.  Here is what my Puzzle Wall is looking like so far.


Looking forward to filling up that wall.


P.S.  I started writing this post a month ago!  I needed to look up a web site . . . and then something else . . . and then . . . well, you get the picture!  Stumbled across it today, so you get to see it after all!


Annie said...

You coulda fooled me.. you are definitely a CQ'er with that kind of work product! They are beautiful. Love those satin-stitched edges. So precise around those curves.

Your wall is really shaping up. You got a lot of nice pieces to display.

Orice said...

Very clever idea!

Gina E. said...

What a gorgeous display, Liz - and Annie is right - your crazy patchwork is terrific! I love this jigsaw idea; I've been wanting to join in one ever since I first saw them on another blog ages ago, but I don't know where to go to join up. Probably just as well though, as I wouldn't have time to do a heap of them..


Love the puzzle idea and I like the way your puzzle is progressing.