Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Traveling Coming to an End

Hard to believe more than a year has gone by!  But the Story of the Traveling Page is coming to its end.  (If you have not been following us on our blog, go here now to see what it's all about.)

I've finished and posted all the pages I made for the other participants.  And I've shown you each page as I received it.  Now, I am putting them all together.

First step was to create a cover page. . . sort of an introduction:


When you open that front door, you will see this:


I looked at a lot of quotes about doors and this one caught my attention.  I rummaged through my bead and charm stash and - lo - angel wings!  Since I am fascinated by wings of all kinds, that was no surprise.  LOL!

On the back of this page, I printed a brief explanation of the project and a list of the participants:


Very simple - because it is the lead-in for all those wonderful pages!


I have them temporarily strung together.  As you can see, it's rather loose!  I need to decide how to bind them and will probably do a page for the back, too.  This was really a fun and interesting swap.  I think I stretched my fiber skills as well as my imagination.

I can't wait to see how some of the other books turn out!


Annie said...

This has been such a great project. Love your cover door and the quote you chose. This will be a wonderful keepsake.

Gina E. said...

Absolutely beautiful, and utterly unique. This will be a museum piece in years to come, so look after it, Liz!

virtualquilter said...

Loved the theme you chose, and the pages were a great collection, but your front cover is just perfect to finish the project ... and yeah, you probably need a back page because everyone put something on the back of their page.

Like Gina said, look after it!

Judy B