Friday, October 30, 2015

Productive Week

A number of finishes this week!  I had some appointments, too, so I’m not sure how I managed to be so productive.  Sometimes the stars align properly!


This is from Bethany Reynolds’ book “Stack-n-Whack-ipedia.”  I enjoy the process and had this piece of fabric I bought specifically for Stack-n-Whack.  I hoped it would make nice kaleidoscope blocks – and I was right!


Here’s a couple close-up shots.


I think this style appeals to my hidden mathematical side.  The blocks are very precise and geometric – yet there is a total randomness to the way each block turns out.  I suspect there will be more of this at some point!


Today’s finish is another block from the Seasonal Silhouettes BOM.  If  you look closely, you can see there are three apples in the center.  I haven’t decided exactly how I’ll finish the details on these, but hopefully the apples will pop a bit more when I do.  Just four more blocks before I have to make some decisions!


Lastly, a two-page spread in my Art Journal.  I picked up some Margaret Applin stencils for creating mandalas and have worked on this page in odd moments through the last couple of weeks.  The stencils contain designs in an arc and you can use the same stencil all around (like the background mandala above), or do all sorts of mix and match – which I did on the foreground mandala.  I’ve been reading that drawing mandalas is used in meditation and spiritual healing.  I don’t know about the spiritual part, but I know I could zone out really well while coloring these in!

In other news, the pugs went walk-about this afternoon – yes, again!  I knew which direction to start looking, so they were not very far away.  Jake “needed” to be carried home.  Wuff – he’s heavy!!

What about you – do you draw mandalas?  Do you meditate while drawing/coloring?

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Gina E. said...

Hi Liz, great post, gorgeous quilt! One of my friends has done a few stack and whack quilts, and she has promised to sit down with me one day and show me how it is done. I've seen the instructions in books and magazines, but I learn better when I'm shown something 'in person'.
Love your mandalas! I don't draw them myself, but I like to colour them in. I've got about a dozen of the latest craze adult colouring books now, can't resist them when I see them! Gotta use all those colouring pencils, pastels, and paints that I've accumulated over the years ;-)