Saturday, March 19, 2016

By the Numbers

Working away on foundation paper pieced (FPP) blocks.  Here are some factoids for this block.


10 inches finished size

250 individual pieces

59 “sections” (if you don’t do FPP, little pieces become larger pieces, etc.)

4 days to complete – about 16 hours

2 words:  Never Again!

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Gina E. said...

Hey Liz! long time no visit :-) But here I am like the proverbial bad penny, lol! Wow, you have been as busy as ever on the most complex projects - don't you ever do anything EASY? Or am I just lazy...ha! Were the postcards you made actually post card size, and did you post them? I spent a mad year doing nothing but fabric postcards once (well I probably did other things too) and I have an old photo album filled with fabric postcards that I received in swaps. Were you in that group on Stitchin Fingers?

The paper piecing projects are unbelievable! I only know about hexagons when it comes to paper piecing. You really are a creative spirit :-)