Thursday, January 12, 2017

Best Laid Plans

So, the PLAN was . . .

I was scheduled to do some quilting on the longarm (my LQS rents time on their longarm) and I was going to take some photos of the quilt loaded and in progress.  Even wanted to try posting from my smart phone. 

Technical difficulties turned all those plans upside down!  Tension was all over the place and we had to call in the big guns (ie, owner who had been to training on maintaining the beast).  By lunch time I decided I better pull out another project to work on.


This one!  Another Stack ‘N Whack.  I got all the hexagons finished and started adding triangles to square them up.  As you can probably tell, the fabric is a Finding Nemo print.  It was something my mother bought (I don’t know why!) and I have puzzled over what to do with it.


I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how pretty the blocks are turning out.  Everything from nice subtle patterns like the one above . . .


. . . to wildly silly like these eyeballs! 

I’m working on how to put the blocks together.  There was a lot of this fabric – I have 42 hexagons measuring about 11” – so I will probably get two quilts out of this project!

And maybe – just maybe – I’ll be able to show you a loaded, quilted quilt next week!

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