Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween quilt

This time it worked (uploading a picture)! I thought for Halloween I'd show off one of my quilt projects. This is my first experience with paper piecing.

I have always loved the idea of quilting, but never got very far. Now that I've been retired for two-and-a-half years (!!) I decided to give it some attention.

One thing I am learning is that making quilts is a long, time consuming process, requiring plenty of patience. Oh my - I never have been very good at patience!!


Sue said...

Here I am checking out your blog

Anonymous said...

Here I am checking out your blog.

roberta said...

Very cool blog! It is great to stay up to date on what project you are working on... Par usual -- your doll is wonderful, and the quilt is way cool too! I'm looking forward to more and more and more and more projects from you.