Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Meet Birdie

This doll is from our club's "parts" exchange. We all made doll parts for a twelve inch doll. To exchange, we put parts into paper bags and each member drew parts for the person sitting next to them! The parts were all colors and shapes - and even sizes. It appears that "twelve inch doll" is a pretty broad designation for some people! I think I made out pretty well. The doll parts I got were closer in size than just about anyone else's. Mine sure looked closest to a conventional doll! I can't wait to see what the rest of the dolls look like! Saturday after next - a long wait sometimes!

I'm slowly learning about blogging. This one is pretty simple so far, but never fear. Eventually it will be slightly overdone like the rest of my work! Today I learned to put titles on each blog. Nice little box at the top marked "Title:" - duh!


Ute said...

Hi Liz,
Glad you're a blogger, this is a nice way to keep everyone informed with what you are up too. I love the doll and the pumpkin quilt.

Ute said...

Love Birdie and the Pumpkin quilt. Glad you joined the world of bloggers.

Recie said...

Yay, Liz! So glad to see you've joined those of us addicted to BLOGGING! Yours is great so far!

Terry said...

OOOH Liz it is nice to hear from you again. As always you are amazing.
I have been busy at work and my sewing and dolls have almost stopped. But will once again start. I hope. nice site will keep checking in.
Terry in Goldendale

jdreiling said...

Hi Liz, thanks for sending me your site, will try to keep current. So good to see you are still being creative, good luck and tell Vern Hi for me Jane

Bonnypurr said...

Hi Liz

I found your blog through a comment on "In a Minute Ago" and am delighted to find you are a cloth doll maker. I just started my first doll (at a class last weekend) and I love it.

I love the idea of swapping doll parts and think that Birdie is beautiful.

I haven't blogged about my doll yet because I want to wait till she is finished but if you feel like popping over to my blog sometime after Sat 24 November you will see her in all her glory.

I'm off to read more of your blog now...........