Tuesday, November 27, 2007

OOPS! Credit where credit is due

Yikes! I forgot to credit the pattern designer for Batgirl in the last post. That is SUCH a bad thing! If not for all the great pattern designers, I would not be making dolls at all.

Batgirl is an adaptation of Mary Tressler's "Real Women Have Bellies". In fact, seeing her pattern is what made the whole idea gel. When I say "adaptation", it can mean just about anything. Sometimes I just tweak a pattern a little bit - and sometimes it gets modified so much the designer may not even recognize her work. BUT, if I even took the pattern out of the package, then it is an adaptation. So, I want to thank Mary for her great designs and if anyone is offended because I did not give her credit in the original post - well, I'm on my knees - please, please forgive me. I'll do better from now on, I promise!

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