Friday, November 16, 2007

Show 'n Tell collection

I am getting ready for tomorrow's doll club meeting. It's the last meeting of the year and coincides with the local Holiday Bazaar. We will be displaying dolls we made recently and hope to generate a bit of interest in dollmaking and - maybe - attract some new members. Otherwise we just want to see what everyone has been up to! I gathered all my girls together and they are so-o-o-o lovely. I couldn't wait to show you their picture! Now, these are not ALL the dolls I have by any means, but I guess they are close to my favorites. They represent work I've done from 2004 to last week and are from patterns including Ute Vasin, elinor peace bailey, and Patti Culea, and others - and my own originals! Quite a group, isn't it? Do you see what my poor hubby has to live with? LOL!


Recie said...

Loved the photo, but must confess that I could barely make out your "Bat Woman" and little chubby gal to the left, in blue. (the two dolls I loved at Doll U, Fall 2006)
Indulge me and take a photo of just those two, so I can admire them once again. LOL.

Ute said...

Love the display of all your dolls, you go girl!

Vivian said...

What fun!