Tuesday, November 27, 2007

By Special Request

My good friend, Recie, asked if I could post individual pictures of a couple of the dolls in Show and Tell (see Nov 16). These pictures were taken using my older camera, so the color is not as accurate, but they are not too bad after all.

This is Duchess Honeybee. I made her as part of a "bottle challenge" with the Doll Hags club in Goldendale, WA. Yes, her body is a 2 liter pop bottle. This was shortly after the movie "Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood" was showing and their web site had a feature for creating a yaya name. My YaYa name is Duchess Honeybee - and it just cried out to become a doll! I had quite a time searching for bee-themed fabric, though.

The other doll is one I call "Batgirl . . . Plus 50". I leave it up to you to decide if that is 50 years or 50 pounds - or maybe both. Have you ever wondered what happens to superheros (and superheroines) when they get older? Wouldn't they be subject to the same problems of aging that the rest of us are? Extra pounds, sagging chins, etc. Well, this is my interpretation of what might happen. At least the costume seems to stretch pretty well!
One of the reasons I enjoy making dolls so much is the research that goes into planning the costume details. I searched the internet for pictures of Batgirl - from Julie Newmar to Alicia Silverstone. What fun!

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Recie said...

Oh goody! Thanks so much for posting Bat Girl and Duchess HoneyBee, two of my favorite. If I had to pick ONE of your dolls, it would be BatGirl. She has such personality. . . .just like her maker. :-)