Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Haggard Hattie

She isn't exactly beautiful, is she? This head is made of paperclay and I made her specifically so I can practice making hats. (Get it? Hattie? SO-O-O original!) She stands about 6 inches high and I thought it would be easier to start the hats at a larger size while I am learning. So, she looks a bit worse for wear, huh? Wait til you see what she looked like before!

One problem I still have with sculpting heads from clay is that they come out really masculine. Fine if that is what I am wanting, but not so fine for Hattie! At least the hair helped.

Speaking of hair, there it is on the right. I crocheted a lop-sided circle out of eyelash yarn and then knotted individual lengths around the edge and up toward the crown. I love using the eyelash and heavily textured yarns - you can't see the sloppy stitches at all!

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post. Reading comments is so much fun it could become addictive. So keep it up, folks!

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Recie said...

Liz, I love Hattie.You've really been branching out, breaking the mold and making some original, fun faces. MY kinda faces for sure! Now I can't wait to see her hats. What a great idea! I just finished epb's "Santa and the Big Chicken". You can see him on my blog. Isn't blogging turning out to be fun?