Saturday, November 24, 2007

My New Best Friend

Yup - it's a seam ripper. My adventures in quilting have taught me several things so far. Today I was reminded that ripping out and re-sewing is not a bad thing. In fact, it appears to be part of the quilting process! Many years ago, when I was learning to sew, I hated having to rip something out and do it over. It felt like punishment of some kind and I hated admitting I made a mistake. Obviously my attitudes have changed (see, I can grow up!) and today I just sighed and reached for the seam ripper. It is always near by. Sometimes I can sew a new patch without having to rip out a seam - and that's when I wonder what I am missing. Must be something wrong here somewhere!

Well, the binding is stitched on one side of the big quilt. Now to begin the hand work. Fortunately, I enjoy doing handwork. Although I cannot watch television while I stitch anymore. I have to wear different glasses for close work and the TV set is a big blur when I'm wearing them. Man, this getting old stuff can be a real pain!

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