Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Power of Ice

Well, the power of ice is that it can take away your power! The electric kind, that is. We had a major ice storm last week. Mind you, it was a beautiful sight with the trees and fences all sparkly in the sunshine! But not at all good for the trees. Oh dear! Our lovely maples and walnuts are all broken. Oh, I know they will all be lovely again this summer, but they look so sad now with half their branches spread around their feet. If you have a fanciful imagination (which of course I do!) driving down the road on a sunny day has been like wandering through a crystal fairy land.
So after a full week (lacking just a couple of hours), our little town has power back up and the fellows are starting to clean up. We had a generator which kept the freezer cold and the inhabitants warm at our house. But not much crafting got done. I'd forgotten how much I use electricity these days! I having been trying to catch up on the Take a Stitch Tuesday project, but no pictures yet. Almost done and then on to the next challenge!


Recie said...

Loverlee Snow photos, even though the cost of enduring the deep freeze was no fun, I know. Also, I LOVE the link to "Take a Stitch Tuesday". I'll certainly need some time to browse that site.
Merry, Merry,

tirane93 said...

those are some gorgeous ice photos!